2019 elections are on its way and we have already started experiencing diff. Marketing and branding strategies out there by all the political parties

Every one (political space) be very competitive in creating awareness and reaching out to the public that they literally go out on the streets with all the hoardings, followers and mics and speaker to create awareness.

Studying this whole marketing and branding methods which are now traditional in their own form, we @4fcabin realized that “No PRACHAAR could be a PRACHAAR in its own way”. Now you would ask what? How?

So PM @narendramodi has taken many initiatives as Bharat Sarkaar, and to highlight one of those important movement would be the Digital India Movement that has pushed and benefited the country a lot. So now India as a country is on a verge of Digital advancement and things are shifting towards digital mediums. So why not use this medium at its par to promote political parties? We know you would say they are already doing it! But what we wanna say here is, if one of those political parties just back off from doing Prachaar the coming election, by going on the streets and just promote themselves over digital mediums and other modes then that would be the highlight of their work.

Promote yourself over social media and other modes digitally by understanding the fact that prachaar might give you maximum reach but not doing so would give you maximum attention. Prachaar just create mess for local public (Aam aadmi) leading to traffic, chaos, noise pollution and so much more. If you stop doing it then you as a party are actually thinking of the common public by not disturbing their routine.

Think! “No Prachaar could be a Prachaar in itself”
Thank you!

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