Influencer marketing is the new and wide scoped strategy in market.

Do you follow any influencer? Do you look up to someone, before you make choices or purchase decision? Majority of Y’all would definitely have a big “Yes” for all of these questions. We all have someone or the other in our life, to whom we go to or look up to, before we make any decision in life. Be it purchasing clothes for yourself or even to say yes or no to a love proposal, you always have that one friend/ family member/ Idol, on whom your decisions depends on. This is the one way of looking at the impact of influence that work on us. This influence has now evolved as a term called “Influencer marketing”, which is somehow designed to tap that emotional corner in the buyer while they make purchase decisions about a product or service. This isn’t any new era marketing but a traditional method, where in brands use the most loved celebrities to endorse their products/services, just to influence people to use their product or service.

But a more evolve form of this marketing technique consist of a number of Social media and YouTube users, with millions of followers, appreciating and following their work.

There is a community of creators, who have developed their social media profiles in a very professional manner, to share their views, knowledge and lifestyle with their audience and carry it as their full time profession. These creators are highly looked up by their followers in terms of fashion, lifestyle, food, health, travel goals, etc. The more these creators share their work, the more their audience prefer choosing the same product or place or food to experience.

To give an example, one of such creator started with a campaign, wherein he conveyed to his audience that he would donate his blood on his every birthday and he did the same. This was immediately followed by his followers, a lot of his followers started, sharing videos and picture, donating blood on their birthday. That impactful is the power of influencer marketing. Like this, there are many influencers in different-different categories like Food bloggers, travel bloggers, fashion influencer, lifestyle influencer, etc. with “N” number of followers on their profile.

Brands now have started approaching such influencers, understanding the importance, power and reach of the them. But, it involves a deep study and analysis before they approach them. The insights of their page are analyzed by the type of audience involved, their likes and dislikes, their interest and then they are approached by the brand that is into the similar category. Not just brands, but now a lot of actors and film makers have started approaching these influencers for their movie promotions. This, is now, an added strategy used for marketing everything in market.

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