You know when we go to wedding or any function where buffet system is used, what we do? We take lots of food items then we eat a lot and then we waste a lot, why? Because we see the scope and opportunity, so we try to make most of it, right? Well eating a lot is easy, but digesting it, is not, same way when your venture become successful or you want to acquire majority market, you sometimes expand and expand and expand and keep on expanding. Initially it seems necessary and kind of easy, but then maintaining is hard.

So, my brother and I were sitting at on a Friday night hunting for something to watch on T.V., couldn’t find any decent movie, so we thought let’s see if there is any football match coming on sport’s channel. We scroll through star sports 1, star sports 2, star sports 3, star sports 4 and such 17 channels; the good thing about sports is that, there is hardly any language barrier, so we even scrolled through regional language sports channel. The only good thing which come out of it was that our 15 minutes went by scrolling those channels, but other than that nothing useful was coming up. They were only showing those stupid shows which they have came up with recently where host just babble everything and anything that they want or they show highlights of cricket. I know India’s primary sport is cricket, but that doesn’t mean that people want to see either cricket or cricket related shows on all 20 something channels.

Next 2-3 days, I was again going through the sports channels, just to see what is going on there along with reading more about these channels on internet. So, India has somewhat around 30-40 sports channels, there can be more, but these are main. Among these 30-40 channels, star has 17, Sony has around 10 channels and DD has 1. So, when I was scrolling through star’s channels, 9 of 17 were showing pro kabbadi league, even writing this part feels stupid, I mean what nonsense is this. The funny part is you have to subscribe most of the channels individually, because there is no proper package, indirectly you are paying for all channels, which mostly shows same content.

While doing research another surprising thing for me was channel DD sports, the government channel. So, it is single one, there are no other sports channel in its name yet it was telecasting better content than all star’s and Sony’s channels. I was watching MTB Himalaya bike race on it and one of the contestants was Indian who said that I didn’t even know that such competition happens, otherwise I should have participated earlier. The one channel which has not been given importance can be more informative than all other channels.

What companies like Star and Sony do is that, they oversupply, they try to create artificial market and for this they expand, while expanding they hire in bulk. Around some 5 years back Star got permission from government to start 3 new channels. As per them they wanted to telecast football matches on these 3 channels and in the name of football they also got lots of advertisement, but as of now I don’t see much of football. In fact, around March this year, Star Sports was supposed to broadcast club football matches but didn’t do so as it has to telecast some show related to IPL. So, after over expanding, companies do such things, they go down soon, there resources go waste and they start to lay off employees, just like when people overeat, they puke or go through loose motions or diarrhea. This oversupply affects country’s economy.

It is always better to keep an eye on the changing market, understanding the need and interest of your audience and accordingly plan your company’s strategy. Growing is important but to understand and choose the right way to grow is more important. Brands like Star goes haywire under the name of expansion, feels waste of all the resources. When you have power, goodwill, established market then just plan and go ahead than just moving ahead and expanding.

Make better choices and better use of available resources!!!

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