“PROBLEM” and “CHALLENGE” are the words that nobody would raise their hands to, on asking, “Who has never faced any problem or challenge in their life?” You be rich, you be poor but my friend you have a problem/challenge. It is just the illusion that we create by building up all the “Assumptions” about people around us, which end up making us believe that we have so much to deal with in life and rest of them are so happy with their life.

Let’s talk about an employee and an entrepreneur. Both of them have their own assumptions build up by what they see. The employee thinks of him as the donkey with all the companies burden on him and his entrepreneur as the luckiest person who has a very good, bossy life. Whereas, the entrepreneur thinks that the employee has a very sorted life where he has to think of the business for a limited period of time and has a very balanced life socially with a fixed and assured income he would get at the end of every month. But is this the reality? No, it is not. It is just what we see but fail to analyze. It is just our way of seeing. Have you ever tried working on your own point of view any time? For a change, do try for once. You will have a whole new world in front of you.

Majority of us believe in focusing on comparing our lives with many around us than really focusing on our own problems. If problem exist then never forget a solution definitely exist. It’s just that we be so busy in making assumptions about others that we fail to reach out the solution for our problems. I am not saying that this means that you never solve a problem or deal with a challenge but the pace with which we deal with them is on a lower scale that by the time we reach out to the solution, our competitor has had already overtaken us in the market.

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